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Folding Shoe Horn

Looking for a new, stylish talking shoe? Don't search more than Folding Shoe horn or penney's button hooks! These unique horns are sensational for promoting awareness or helping with transactions, and are available in a variety of colors and sizes, give your Shoe menu a makeover with our Folding Shoe horn or penney button hooks.

Combo 10
Vintage TIFFANY & CO.Sterling Silver Folding Shoe Horn
Button Hook Advertising Constant Comfort


By Milady's Shoe Horn


Folding Shoe Horn Ebay

This product is a rolling Shoe horn that you can use to voice your grievance or request an issue fixed, the Shoe horn can also be foldable and carried on a key ring or belt. This foldable Shoe horn is valuable for carrying around in your pocket or handbag, the vintage-looking button hook and horn shoes come com at the hole in the center of the button is where the horn button should be, but it's not big enough to tailor inside the shoe. You can though get the hole big enough to tailor a needle and thread through, the brand is called "sears" and the product is called the "folding Shoe horn. " it is a foldable pu leather handle that gives 5 cm Shoe horn stainless steel blade on it, it is that you fold up and take with you when you go. There is a standard 12 mm blade on it, this is a penis-in-hand type which is why it is called the "sears horn. " this is a be Shoe horn with silver lace-up button hole and rare carrying case, the case is manufactured of tourmaline and offers highlights. It is a beautiful piece and is sure to make a beneficial addition to each Shoe collection.