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Small Plastic Shoe Horn

This small plastic shoe horn is a great fashion accessory for any clothing-optional home. The spoon-shaped horn is also comfortable on the feet and can be used forconvenience while shopping.

Shoe Horn Small

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Small Shoe Horn

This small shoe horn is a great back scratcher shoe horn for use in applications where large shoe horns are difficult to use effectively. The high stiffness and flexible body makes it an ideal choice for massaging backaches, headaches, and other pain points. Additionally, the extra long strong combo flexible body massager will be perfect fordeeply slithering/crawling creatures or anything else that struggles to get out of the way when playing or exploring. this small plastic shoe horn is a great addition to your vtg! The horn is small and makes a great addition to your vtg, while the charm black finish gives it a modern look. The horn has a modern look and feels comfortable to handle. It is made of tupperware and is made to hold a small keychain.