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Extra Long Shoe Horn Stainless Steel

The Extra Long handle Shoe horn Stainless Steel handled shoehorn horns helper spoon is enticing for use with Shoe horns and other hand-held horns, it is produced of Stainless Steel for lasting use and is hand-handled for stability.

Extra Long Handled Shoe Horn

This Extra Long handle Shoe horn is a top way for presidential clinton, or other handled shoes, the Stainless Steel metal shoehorn is top-rated for use with us models. This horn is likewise basic to adopt with international versions, the Shoe horn is a fantastic device to remove shoes and from position. With this handle, you can lengthily manipulate the Shoe to remove them from the Shoe shop, the Shoe horn presents a Long handle that is able to reach up to 25 metal shoes. Additionally, the handle can be extendable up to 2 inches making it unequaled for getting shoes out of position, this Extra wide shoehorn is manufactured of Stainless Steel and is 25' Long with a handled metal soundboard. It renders a velcro system for attaching to a belt or pants pocket, these shoes are also basic to clean with a removable trapeze bar and Steel hardware. This 16 cm Extra Long handle Shoe horn is a hand-held shoehorn that you can use to listen to your shoes, it Stainless Steel and presents a hand-held design for effortless handling. The horn gives two adjustable levels for differentials and is located facing the Shoe heel.